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    Memories are priceless Memories are priceless
    Prices from just £16.99

    Memories are priceless Double Vision go Green

    DVD replication
    DVD replication
    Quantities of 1000+
    DVDs from just 0.25p

    DVD duplication
    DVD duplication
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    DVDs from just 0.89p

    CD duplication
    CD/DVD Printing
    Ink Jet, Thermal, Silk Screen & Litho Printing

    CD/DVD Packaging
    A complete range of packaging for your CD/DVD
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    CD Replication

    CD replication
    is a process where raw materials are used and a glass master of your disc is produced. We now have the capabilities to stamp over 250,000 discs a day. Below is a selection of our more popular products, please remember we can supply any quantity with any packaging that you require, if you can’t find below what you are looking for please drop us an email at or fill in our quote request form or call us on 01886 830084.







    CD replicated to include full colour onbody print 0.27 0.25 0.19 0.17 0.15
    CD replicated and printed in pvc wallets 0.31 0.28 0.24 0.21 0.18
    CD replicated in full colour card wallets 0.39 0.32 0.29 0.25 0.19
    CD replicated in slimline jewel cases, 4/4 booklet, cellowrap 0.49 0.46 0.39 0.37 0.35
    CD replicated in jewel case, 4 pp 4/4 booklet, rear tray, cellowrap 0.48 0.44 0.39 0.37 0.35
    CD replicated in jewel case, 6pp 4/4 booklet, rear tray, cellowrap 0.49 0.45 0.41 0.38 0.36
    CD replicated in jewel case, 8pp 4/4 booklet, rear tray, cellowrap 0.51 0.46 0.42 0.39 0.37
    CD replicated in 4 panel 4/4 digipak 0.69 0.59 0.49 0.42 0.38
    CD replicated in 6 panel 4/4 digipak 0.84 0.69 0.58 0.50 0.43

    Prices Exclude VAT

    Ordering is SIMPLE please follow the four steps below.

    1. Require a quoteclick here
    2. No quote required or quote receivedclick here
    3. Post master disc to us and upload artwork - click here
    4. Sit back and relax we will do the rest and contact you when completed

    1) Why choose Double Vision for CD replication
    Speed, reliability, price and customer service second to none on your CD replication, DVD replication, CD duplication and DVD duplication.

    2) Do you offer a guarantee on CD replication?
    Double Vision offer a full no quibble guarantee on all of our CD replication.

    3) What is your turnaround time?
    Standard turnaround on CD replication and DVD replication is 8-12 working days, on DVD duplication and CD Duplication is 3-5 working days, however, we can be flexibleand will pull out all of the stops to meet your deadlines.

    4) How long have you been in business?
    Double Vision have been in business now for over 13 years, originally handlingVHS duplication but then expanding into CD and DVD replication and CD and DVD duplication. We have numerous testimonials from existing clients that we are happy toshare.

    5) How do we order?
    Simple, just send your master to us in the post along with a completed order form, thiscan be either downloaded from our website or we will email you one, then sit back andlet us do the rest, we will be touch with you.

    6) How do we send our artwork?
    You can either email us a picture file, 300dpi min , you can upload the artwork on our ftpsite, alternatively you can burn the artwork onto a CD and post it to us with your masterdisc.





    We do our utmost to achieve the agreed delivery dates no matter what.


    If you are not completely satisfied, we provide a no-dispute guarantee.


    We aim to better the CD replication prices offered by all competitors in this country.


    We operate a policy of complete product fulfilment.


    We will provide you with a CD replication sample, or we can burn and print a CD for FREE, if you send artwork and a master.


    We can meet orders of any quantity – from CDs in their millions to only one CD, we are happy to work with any volume.


    Normal delivery for CD replication orders is between 7 and 10 working days, once the design is signed off. However we make every effort to meet client needs.