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    DVD replication
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    DVD duplication
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    CD Duplication

    CD Duplication
    CD duplication is ideal for people who want small runs quickly, all discs are duplicated and printed inhouse and normal turnaround is 2-5 days depending on your requirements
    1. CD Duplication 1-999 copies
    2. CD Duplication Plus 1000+
    Qty CD inc full colour onbody print CD Jewel case Clam Shells 4 page full colour booklet 4 colour rear tray inlay Pvc Wallet
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    25 0.92 0.18 0.14 0.85 0.85 0.05
    50 0.89 0.18 0.14 0.45 0.45 0.05
    100 0.71 0.18 0.14 0.35 0.30 0.05
    250 0.57 0.18 0.14 0.30 0.25 0.05
    500 0.49 0.18 0.14 0.25 0.25 0.05

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    CD duplication is suitable for the reproduction of smaller quantities of CDs from a master CD provided by you the client.  CD duplication is normally used when the volumne is 500 units or less.  All of our CD duplication is undertaken inhouse using only the latest technology and branded A grade media, to ensure that you receive a perfect copy time after time.  One of the big benefits of having CD duplication over CD replication is the time scale, CD duplication can normally be undertaken in about 2-4 working days, however, we regularly turn jobs around in 24 hours for clients who are on a deadline.


    We supply CD duplication to a wide variety of clients, from small independent businesses, or wish to transport data on CD rather that over the internet, small bands who haven’t been signed yet but wish to sell there CD at local gigs, to corporate companies who wish to send out there catalogue on CD.  Some clients just need us to handle their duplication for them others need a more complex package where we help them design there artwork and package the job for them.  We have over 30 years experience here at Double Vision and are very proud of our reputation for customer service, if you need any CD duplication done don’t hesitate to call us now on 01886 830084

    The history of CD duplication can probably be traced back to the early 1990s, when CDs first began to seriously replace vinyl as the preferred physical format for recording audio information. Since then CD duplication has become a growth industry and it is also now possible for people to buy duplicators for home copying. Whilst it is possible to create copy CDs from a master at home, there are still many reasons to use the services of a professional CD duplication company like ours at Double Vision.

    There are many advantages for customers with professional CD duplication. The first of these is the guarantee concerning the quality of CD duplication work that will be achieved; whereas when choosing to make copies at home with a duplicator, this leaves you at the mercy of your own grasp of the process and the reliability of home quality equipment. Commercial duplication companies use the very best technology ensuring perfect identical copies are produced. Furthermore, in the unlikely event that there should be a problem with any order, albeit very rare, the company will resolve the problem to ensure you are completely satisfied with the duplicate CDs. By comparison with home CD duplication, many have been left unhappy with the results and there is no such guarantee of a successful resolution.

    Another important reason to opt for commercial CD duplication services is the offer of far higher quality printing and packaging for your copies, alongside the duplication process itself. Most clients looking for CD copies will want the finished products to have a professional quality and, however good the actual CD duplication standard is, this will be undermined if they are contained in amateurishly printed and packaged sleeves – or none at all. Utilising the services of a CD duplication company able to supply printing and packaging to the design and specifications of the client, such as here at Double Vision, removes the risk of this.